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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a place where children with special needs, at risk individuals, Veterans and their families can come to gain the health benefits of interacting with horses and other animals, developing responsibilities through encouragement and healing through serving. Provide community volunteer opportunities to allow typical and extra special people to interact and learn together and to facilitate language and reading skills through animal interaction.

Our goal is to reach as many individuals in our community and give them the experience of horseback riding and care, agricultural training and gardening, physical activity through obstacle courses and nature experiences through nature trails and camps.

Horse Therapy for Special Needs Individuals
Certified Trainers, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists assist riders in care taking, riding instruction and Hippotherapy.

Horse Therapy for Veterans
AVET and Wounded Warriors with PTSD receive riding instruction, care taking, and have volunteer opportunities on the ranch. These riders participate free of charge.

School Programs
1 1/2 hour to 3 hours physical education programs that includes Hippotherapy, nature trails, obstacle course, grooming, language facilitation, muscle manipulation, and health clinics.

Volunteer programs
Community service hours for ages 13 and up. Included in our 120 strong volunteer program per month are Rotaracy from Eastern Florida State College, Brevard County Jr. and Sr. high school students seeking Bright Futures Scholarships, Crosswinds Shelter, Turn Youth, Haven House, Univ. of Michigan, Ohio State, Univ of Miami and UCF, AMI, Francis Walker Halfway House, Kansas City Youth Coalition.

At Risk Youth Program
Free riding and activities are provided for organization such as Crosswinds, Haven House, Turn Youth and Deveraux.

The Juvenile Justice Program
Community service opportunities are provided for teen offenders. This may include ranch chores, building opportunities (fencing, barns, chicken coops, gardening and ground maintenance). Riding opportunities are also provided along with compassionate guidance.

Junior Trainer Program with PATH Certified trainer
Gives teens and adults the opportunity to learn PATH principles of horse therapy and riding with the option of PATH certification when they turn 18 through an assistance program through WOW.

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