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Sponsor your favorite horse at WOW!

Sponsorship Levels:

$25 a month: Picture of Horse, Picture with Horse, Feeds your Horse That Month

$50 a Month: One Free Lesson a Month, Picture of Horse, Picture With Horse, Feeds Your Horse that Month

$100 A Month: Two Free Lessons, Picture of Horse, Picture With Horse, Feeds Your Horse That Month


Our Horses


Emma is 18 yrs and was a barrel racer. She is an tobiano black and white paint quarterhorse. When she was no longer useful to her owner she was neglected and Walk on Water purchased her. Due to her neglect she has systemic eczema and suffers from bites in the summer months. Sponsoring Emma will help buy her special fly spray, fly sheets and masks, medicine to keep her comfortable and itch free. Thank you for sponsoring our girl who has been with us for 13 years.


thumbnail_image (1)CJ

Cj is our first horse that God gave us to start WOW! We got cj from a pastor and his wife who moved to Haiti to minister there. She has won many Blue ribbons in western pleasure and English equitation. CJ is 17 yrs young and is a red dun quarterhorse. She is slow moving but steady and is great to love on and a generally happy camper. She loves carrots and apples too. 



Clyde is a 22 yr old Clydesdale with a stifle injury. Clyde is our gentle giant only used for walking due to his injury. He loves to be hugged and kissed on the nose. Sponsoring Clyde will help pay for meds for his injury and special hay to keep weight on.




image (1)


Jazzy is a red roan quarter horse, 22 yrs old and was a rescue from an abusive situation. Due to her abuse she was head shy and scared & hurt herself running through a barbed wire fence. Through much love and rehabilitation Jazzy is now a gentle angel. Sponsoring her will help with her continued therapy with a horse masseuse and meds for her asthma.



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Relly is 28 yrs old. She came from Italy as a yearling and a broodmare. Unfortunately, Relly lost her babies and was no longer any use to her owner. She came to WOW with 4 other halflingers-the only one left. She is gentle and kind but now has arthritis and cushings so she stays on meds to keep her happy and comfortable as one of our retired veterans. She serves letting children learn to wash and care for horses. Sponsoring Relly helps with her meds to keep her healthy for our children to learn horse care and compassion.


image (2)Maars

Maars is 28 yrs old and is a morgan-arabian! He is a bay/gelding with jumping experience in his younger years. He is semi retired but still runs like the wind. Maars loves to let our younger riders on board and give baths. Sponsoring maars will help with feed and vet visits.care and compassion.




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Guinney is 17 yrs old and was our 1st mini rescued from a rescue! When she arrived, she hadn’t had her teeth or feet done in a long time. She was skittish and scared. With love and kindness and some medical help Gwinney is now a wonderful part of WOW and allows children to pet and her. Sponsoring her helps with feed, hay and vet bills to maintain her health.