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IMG_0256Walk On Water is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving individuals the opportunity to experience and bond with horses in a safe and loving environment. We are committed to teaching responsibility, self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills with the help of our equine partners. We have and joyfully accept students of all abilities and backgrounds including veterans, individuals with special needs or at-risk individuals.

We provide therapy & riding instruction for all ages.

Currently, we provide group and private riding lessons for all ages. Lessons consist of students with enough trainers and volunteers on hand to ensure that each person has a helper and that everything runs smoothly and safely.

The riders are asked to help with chores around the ranch to learn practical unmounted skills such as horse anatomy, tacking, leading, and grooming to teach that horses are a big responsibility and need a lot of love and care before and after riding! Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore this sport in an engaging and friendly atmosphere.
Are you Interested in becoming a Rider or Volunteer?  CLICK HERE