Therapy Riding Lessons

We are proud to offer riding lessons to individuals with special needs. We are PATH certified and specialize in Equine Assisted Therapy.
(unsure of what PATH is? Check it out here.)

Equine Assisted Therapy utilizes one of God’s most beautiful creatures, horses, to help individuals achieve a sense of accomplishment through muscle stimulation and language facilitation. With the use of Whole Brain Learning Techniques and our outdoor classroom, math and reading skills are taught on horseback.

While riding a horse, a person’s sense of coordination and stability improves.  By experiencing the constant repetition of the horses stride, and by absorbing the horses’ rhythm in the body, a person’s back and trunk muscles (so important for the physically challenged) can be strengthened and become activated in ways they could not in any other exercise.  Nerve patterns, that would have otherwise, perhaps laid dormant for an entire lifetime, can come alive!  It also allows for tight ligaments to become more relaxed and at ease.

Weekly riding for a an individual can also increase the sense of accomplishment and self- confidence our population often doesn’t get in any other way.  Praise for riding a horse can turn a sad face into a happy one!

Therapeutic riding is a term which includes therapeutic sport riding and hippo-therapy.

Our program offers each rider a chance to experience the wonder of horse riding and we get to see the benefits.  Those who ride horses begin to learn to trust the horse they are riding, and over time, find that life is just a little bit better.

We hope you look more into our program and ask questions if there is something that you don’t understand.