Riding Lessons

Walk on Water also provides riding lessons for typical children and adults.
Our lessons are 45 minutes long. Choose from one of our calm horses and learn how to ride!

What do Lessons Entail?

Learning the Basics

We will teach you the basics of proper horse care, including grooming and safety. You will learn how to communicate with your horse through recognization of the different body language signals horses give and we will teach you how to respond to them.

Learning About Your Tack and Equipment

You will learn about the various equipment used to ride a horse (called tack) and how to properly saddle your horse. We will also teach you about the various styles of tack and how they can change your riding experience.

Learning the Techniques

We will teach you basic riding techniques, how to communicate with your horse through your body while sitting on its back, how to correctly and safely hold the horse’s reins, how to sit in the saddle with your legs and upper body in the right position, and how to steer your horse using the reins and your body  .

Learning to Ride

When you are comfortable and balanced, we will teach you how to trot, canter, and gallop, and you will have the chance to demonstrate your skills on our horseback riding obstacle course.

What Should You Wear?

Students should wear long pants and closed-toe, hard-soled shoes. Sandals, flip flops, flats, and loafers are not allowed. Riding helmets are required and can be borrowed at the barn. We have covered spaces, both for spectating and for riding, but sunscreen is recommended regardless. 

Those accompanying the rider may want to wear clothes and shoes suitable for walking around the farm.

We also recommend bringing a snack and a drink for afterwards. We do not have water fountains or a kitchen, so you may want to use a cooler in warmer weather.

What are the Benefits of Horseback Riding?

Horseback riding has enormous benefits for all riders, especially young riders. Horseback riding lessons gives kids an analog, embodied experience, a fun-based fitness activity, the opportunity to make friends with shared interests, and can provide a healthy, supportive place to grow into their individuality. Riding lessons encourage mind-body connection, both with your horse as well as within yourself and fosters emotional maturity in a way not found in other sports.