WOW Mini House

Walk on Water Ministries sees hundreds of people a year. People from all walks of life come to volunteer, to participate in our program, or to support us. Various counties, states, and even countries are represented at Walk on Water. This has created a need for us to have a place to host people.

We are looking at this project as a respite house and a tool for the Walk on Water family. Respite is defined as a short period of rest or relief. One purpose of this house will be to provide a place for our families that have a member or members of their family that has special needs. We also seek yearly interns to learn the ways of an equine ministry and we love to provide a place for them to live.

Many have already pitched in some hard labor on this project as well as materials. As we move forward and as hurricane Ian set us back a bit, we are seeking some more help. Help in the form of funds, labor, and materials. Most of all, we seek prayer towards this mission.

Will you join Walk on Water in prayer towards this new mission we have taken on?

We would love for you to work hand in hand with us on this project.